Jenny Carlin

Ceramic Artist

About the artist

My interest in ceramics started as a child living in South Africa. I was surrounded by African pots whose rawness, simplicity of form and old firing techniques retained a sense of the earth they were derived from. This timelessness is what drew me to the raku smoking techniques I use in my work.

My fascination with the old continued when I moved to London. I fell in love with the Thames, this river carries so much of London’s history beneath its water. I have spent hours walking along the river bed picking up old bits of porcelain, glass, ceramic pipes and anything that looks interesting. These objects are beautiful to me. Not only have they survived but often time and the water has transformed them into a completely new form. There is a magic in finding an interesting piece on the shore.

Raku resonates with me in the same way. I spend a lot of time refining and controlling my shapes. Then I give them over to the process of raku. Control is relinquished. I never know what will survive or how the fire and smoke will transform them. Each piece that survives the test of fire feels like a little piece of magic.